The Professional Fashion Model

why uma rai is the best?

I am Uma Rai, one of the best and popular fashion model from the garden city of India. Most of the model girls in Bangalore are professionals only. But very few of them are working very hardly to achieve the life targets. Bangalore is growing with lost of opportunities in fashion and modelling. I am thanking my friends to refer my name of new projects. You can see the projects that I have worked within my personal website. I wish to work myself not under any fashion modelling agency.

Is there any need of profile page? I think I need a special page to describe about me and my visions towards Bangalore fashion. As a leading and upcoming fashion model turned Bangalore entertainers I have lots of handsome boyfriends. Most of them are very much lovable and leading a luxurious life with lots of facilities. I am enjoying each and every moment of life with them, not like a Bangalore girls but a real girlfriend. I am not ready to deliver my Bangalore fashion service all the peoples who need the same from me. I have my own vision towards the clients or boyfriends.